Scratch whatever plans you have for Victoria Day because we’ve got better ones for you. It’s almost time for the City of Toronto’s spectacular annual Victoria Day fireworks show.  And from experience, we are sure that this one is going to be one heck of a sight.

As always, the Victoria Day fireworks show will go down at Ashbridges Bay Park on Monday, May 22, 2023. The show will start at 10 p.m., and since the park is easily accessible by public transit, we encourage you to choose public transit instead of crowding the place with personal vehicles. Plus, you can skip the whole parking hassle!

Getting yourself to Ashbridges Bay Park and watching a fireworks display put on by professionals is obviously, the safest and easiest way to enjoy fireworks. But for those of you who wish to have your own little fireworks show in your backyard, well, you can, as long as you follow the fireworks rules and safety and disposal tips outlined by the City of Toronto.

Victoria Day fireworks show in Toronto
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As it happens, you can set off fireworks on your own property without a permit only on Victoria Day (May 22 this year) and Canada Day (July 1). For all other days, you will need a permit from Toronto Fire Services. (TIP: For permits, contact [email protected] or call 416-338-8783.)

To ensure your safety & the safety of those around you, here is some important information to get you started:

  • You can only set off fireworks on your own property till 11 p.m. on Victoria Day and Canada Day.
  • Fireworks are not allowed in parks, on beaches, in streets, parking lots or any private property that is not your own.
  • If you are hosting your own backyard fireworks display, make sure you have a proper-sized yard and that there are no buildings or trees nearby.
  • Purchase fireworks from a retailer displaying a City-issued fireworks vendor permit.
  • Always follow the directions on the manufacturer’s label for the fireworks you purchase. This will include information on how far away the spectators need to be so that everyone can stay safe.
  • Dispose of used or unused fireworks by completely submerging them in water overnight, wrapping them in a plastic bag, and putting them in the garbage bin. 
Victoria Day fireworks show
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Victoria Day is a fun and fab celebration. Let’s ensure that it is also safe for us and those around us. Be sure to learn about the fireworks rules, safety tips and proper disposal before planning your backyard celebration at

As for the rest, we’ll see you at the Victoria Day fireworks show at Ashbridges Bay Park. Happy Victoria Day (and long weekend)!


When: Monday, May 22, 2023 -starting at 10PM
Where: Ashbridges Bay Park
Cost: free!