This is NOT a drill, people! The popular Canadian bakery café that has made its way on every ‘best cinnamon rolls’ list, Cinnzeo just dropped new cinnamon rolls across all Calgary locations. And it’s straight-up foodgasmic (no exaggeration, we swear). Enter: the Sweet N’ Heat Roll!

The bakery café has been serving up their mass-fave signature cinnamon rolls and other bakery delights for over two decades. And they’ve been winning us over with their fresh, house-made treats that are pure perfection. Or so we thought until they decided to make perfection even better.

Taking their cinnamon roll game to a whole new level, Cinnzeo Bakery Cafe has now partnered with the makers of what is popularly known as the “purest honey in the world.” We are talking, of course, about Peace River Honey. The result: best darn cinnamon rolls  in Calgary!

Cinnzeo Bakery Cafe
Photo via Cinnzeo

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Cinnzeo’s expert bakers have crafted a delicious combination. They bake their fresh Cinnzeo Cinnamon roll and layer it in their famous cream cheese frosting topped with a liberal drizzle of Hot Bourbon Honey. Hence the name, Sweet N’ Heat. Check out Peace River Honey for their Hot Selections!

Cherry on the cake— these Hot Bourbon Honey-drizzled cinnamon rolls are being served with their handcrafted Spiced Honey & Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate (Oh Joy!).

This delectable combo will only be available through spring across all locations in Canada. So, be sure to dig into as many of these creamy, honey-covered treats as you can.

Check out their website below to view their locations. And while you’re there, sign-up for their emailer they’ve cleverly named ‘Roll Call.’ Honestly, we’d sign-up just for that cool wordplay but the offers are really good too.

Oh, and don’t forget to show them some love on the ‘Gram. It’s full of drool-worthy, sweet, cinnamony inspo!