Remember when 3D happened and we all freaked the heck out? Well, hold on to your butts, because Cineplex theatres have introduced a new way of immersing yourself in film. Moviegoers can now be completely surrounded by action, romance, drama and horror with ScreenX, a brand new 270-degree screen, which has just opened at select locations across the country.

In the new Calgary ScreenX Theatre, audiences are completely surrounded. The focal point of a movie is expanded to the left and right, creating a more “realistic” experience, which is simultaneously insane, horrifying and exciting.

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ScreenX theatre in Calgary

This especially changes the game for sci-fi, action, and horror stans like ourselves. Do we want a hoard of zombies closing in on us? As anxiety-inducing as that sounds, yeah actually, some of us kind of do. Beats waiting until October to overpay for a haunted house.

Calgary’s Cineplex Odeon Sunridge Spectrum is one of the 6 newest theatres across Canada that will now have Cineplex’s ScreenX experience after their first wave of expansion.

So yeah, this is a game-changer. ScreenX is practically VR without the wandering around aimlessly in your living room. Here, you’ll get the immersive experience without your friends taking videos of you bumping into furniture.


Where: 400, 2555-32nd Street NE, Calgary