Ok, finally. We’ve been waiting for Cineplex to announce it’s bringing private movie nights to its theatres for like 6 months now. Well, on Friday the 13th, the company went ahead and did it! Nice, now we’re more motivated than ever to head back.

The premise of the new private movie nights is simple. You can now request to book a private showing of over 1000 movies, ranging from the latest hits to timeless classic. And, you can invite up to 19 people to join you, provided that’s also in line with current health recommendations.

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The best part? This is dirt cheap, starting as low as $125 per show. Forget 20 people, we could justify this expense with like 2 or 3 friends and still feel great about it. Be honest- when’s the last time you watched a movie in a movie theatre? Exactly, because you were waiting for an opportunity like this to roll along.

Cineplex Theatres nationwide are now offering this service. Whether you missed a midnight showing on Halloween or are ready to dive into some holiday classics, we definitely think you should check out the new Cineplex private movie nights. To do so, just click this link!

Enjoy the show and stay safe out there, folks!