Calling all cinephiles, movie lovers, popcorn connoisseurs, and part-time rotten tomato reviewers! It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. The Calgary International Film Festival is coming to town this fall, and tickets drop in a week!

CIFF 2023 is happening from Thursday, September 21st to Sunday, October 1st, for an 11-day festival to celebrate the best films of the year. There will be screenings of over 200 features, including exclusive red-carpet footage and filmmaker Q&As, and that’s only the beginning!

Step outside the cinema for a breath of fresh air, and you’ll find even more events and activities. You can expect music, art installations, awards, video games, and virtual reality displays. It’s a truly unique and immersive experience, and it’s an event that continues to grow every year.

CIFF 2023

The Calgary International Film Festival aims to celebrate the very best in Canadian talent while also featuring a wide variety of filmmakers from around the world. CIFF 2023 has one of the most diverse lineups to date, with genres ranging from documentary, dance, indigenous stories, web series, horror, thrillers, and a local period piece. No matter your cup of tea, there’s one for you.

The festival will also feature work from several first-time feature directors who have previously worked exclusively with shorts or in the acting sphere. If you’re a seasoned movie lover or even just someone dipping their toes into the scene, there’s plenty to see this year.

Some of the highlights of CIFF 2023 are the spotlight on Canadian talent as well as the world premiere of Heartland’s 250th episode. If you didn’t already know, the show Heartland is actually filmed right here in Alberta, with most exterior shots done in the small town of Millarville outside of High River. Here’s where you can see the full CIFF 2023 lineup.

Can you already smell the popcorn? Tickets for CIFF 2023 go on sale Thursday, September 7th. Pro tip: You can save money if you bundle. They usually sell out fast, so don’t wait around if there’s something you’re itching to see!

CIFF 2023

When: Thursday, September 21st to Sunday, October 1st
Where: Eau Claire Cineplex and the Globe Cinema
Cost: Ticket prices vary by package