Guess what, burrito bowl lovers?! A new Chipotle location is set to open at UBC in Vancouver, which means grabbing your favourite order is about to get easier.

The new restaurant joins three Vancouver locations and 14 in BC – including the Lougheed location and the Victoria spot that opened earlier this year. So Chipotle lovers have plenty of options!

While there’s not much info currently available on the opening, a representative of Chipotle confirms in an email with Curiocity that the new restaurant will open at 6025 University Boulevard this fall.

In the meantime, you can experiment with all of their burrito fillings, queso, salsas, and dips to finetune your next go-to order at one of the other Vancouver locations.

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chipotle ubc vancouver
Photo via Chipotle

What’s more, Chipotle is hiring across Canada right now, with over 20 open positions in Metro Vancouver! So if you’re on an active job hunt, it’s worth checking out what’s available.

That’s all for now, Vancouver!

Stay in the loop here for all things Chipotle to come.

Chipotle – UBC Vancouver

Where: 6025 University Boulevard