Take a flavour trip around the world from the comfort of Toronto! Chez Paul Crêperie brings the authentic Breton tradition of crêpes and galettes to its restaurant using original recipes and the highest quality ingredients. 

If the French are known for anything, it’s pride in their cuisine. In the Brittany region of France, crêpes are the national dish. You’ll find countless bars and bistros with this beloved delicacy on the menu – but you don’t have to travel that far for a taste of the real thing. 

Chez Paul Crêperie brings Birttany to Toronto with authentic crêpes using the original Breton recipe. Each sweet crêpe or savoury galette is handmade using only the highest quality ingredients, and they have a flavour combination for everyone.

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Galette vs Crêpes

You might be wondering, what’s the difference between a crêpe and a galette? In essence, they’re both crêpes, but galette is used to refer to the savoury variety rather than the dessert most people are familiar with. 

At Chez Paul Crêperie, they adhere to the recipes from Brittany, which use buckwheat flour for galettes and wheat flour for crepes. These slightly different compositions compliment the respective savoury and sweet fillings, making every bite a culinary journey to France and back.

Our top picks at Chez Paul Crêperie


La Tradition

You can’t knock a classic. Try the original crêpe Bretonne made with egg, Emmental cheese, and mushroom.

La Bretonne

If you’re really hungry, try this galette made with Breton hotdog, Emmental cheese, mild sausage, hot pepper rings, topped with homemade mustard and honey sauce.

La Nordique

Pay hommage to Brittany’s love of seafood with this combination of creme fraiche chives, smoked salmon, spinach, and homemade lemon sauce.

Then Sweet

Noisette Maison Et Banane

Forget about nutella! This delicious crêpe is filled with a house-made hazelnut spread and bananas. It’s creamy, delicious, and unmissable. 


So simple but so delicious. This is the original standard for French crêpes made with organic cane sugar, lemon juice, and butter.

Confiture Maison

Another beloved flavour in France and in home kitchens everywhere. You’ll really feel Chez Paul when you try this homemade strawberry jam filling.  


Is your stomach growling yet? Check out Chez Paul Crêperie’s newly renovated location on 833 Queen Street West and discover a new favourite.