Attention, cherry blossom enthusiasts! The first wave of Vancouver’s blossoms might have passed their peak, but there are plenty more still in bloom. This includes the deep pink Kanzan variety, which is popping up across the city right now.

What’s more, the interactive map by the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival shows just where blossom hopefuls can spot the next wave of cherry blossoms.

You can search by neighbourhood or cultivar, or change the blooming dates to see what’s in bloom in the coming weeks.

Between Thursday, April 11th and the end of the month, here are just some of the places where you’ll find clusters of Kanzan blossoms:

  • Yew, Cornwall to Broadway (nine blocks of blossoms)
  • West 20th and Oak (whole block canopy from Oak to Laurel)
  • Granville Island, East (18 Kanzan trees)
  • Mackie Street, West 37th to 41st (Queen Elizabeth Park)
  • 1579 66th Avenue, West (west 66th from Granville to Adera)
  • East 42nd, Killarney to Earles (double-sided canopy of trees on 42nd)

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kanzan cherry blossoms vancouver
Photo via Curiocity

Other varieties currently in bloom include the Ichiyo (until April 16th), Ukon (until April 15th), and Shiro-fugen (until April 26th), and Avium Plena (until April 25th).

And that’s a wrap on the Kanzan variety of cherry blossoms, Vancouver! Stay tuned for more spring blooms as they come.