Comedian Chelsea Handler certainly isn’t shy when it comes to celebrating her birthday or doing what she loves. Every year, fans tune into her Instagram to watch Handler hit the slopes on a “topless” ski run, and this year’s video did not disappoint.

“Every year I film a birthday video celebrating myself, skiing topless down a mountain with a margarita in one hand and a joint in the other” explains Handler in a new interview with Jennifer Hudson. “It’s become a ritual for me, every year I have to ‘up it.'”

Both this year and last year, the comedian was captured on a “topless” ski run in Whistler, with the Canadian flag trailing behind her.

“This year, we’re going to try some different terrain, or I’ll get one of my dogs involved and put them in a BabyBjörn on my back. We haven’t decided,” she explains. “Whistler is where I go for skiing. We’re leaving here and going to the airport, and I’m filming my birthday video.”

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Handler adds that she’s already experienced plenty of conventional “birthdays,” and looks forward to “getting to know herself” better with every passing year.

“I’ve had all those big birthday parties — and I love to ski. My three passions are reading books, smoking pot, and skiing. That’s what I feel most passionate about in life.”

So while Chelsea Handler is American by birth, we think it’s safe to say that the comedian and actress has captured the Canadian spirit.