It’s 12 PM. Your stomach is rumbling, your emails are becoming more passive-aggressive by the minute, and the fridge is tragically empty. You need something that satisfies but won’t throw your goals too far off track (that’s what the weekend is for). Good thing there’s always a Subway nearby, and they have a chef-curated menu. 

In celebration of National Sandwich Month, you can get a second sub for 50% off when you order a Footlong through the Subway Canada App. 

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If you’re experiencing a bout of hangry decision paralysis, pick one of the numbered options off Subway’s lineup of chef-curated sandwiches from the Subway Series.  There are 15 sandwiches to try if you feel like stepping outside your regular build-your-own combo. 

Still too many options for you? We get it, sometimes you’re just THAT hungry. We’ll make it easy for you. Here are 4 of our favourite sandwiches to try next time you’re craving Subway.


Green Goddess Chicken – No. 7

With a name like this, you can leave your guilt at the door. This baddie is made with Canadian farm-raised rotisserie-style chicken, extra cheese, a heaping of fresh veggies, smashed avo, and some yummy green goddess dressing. It’s practically a salad, right?


Steak N’ Bacon – No. 8 

Get an extra helping of meat and a double dose of yummy with this unapologetically saucy steak n’ bacon sub. This sandwich has got some kick with steak, maplewood smoked bacon, fresh veggies, and habanero jack cheese, finished with chipotle and peppercorn ranch dressing. 

Suprimo – No. 13 

If that last one wasn’t enough for you, then the Suprimo will make you meat your match. Get it? This sub is loaded with capicola, Genoa salami, deli-style ham and pepperoni made from Canadian-raised pork, cheddar cheese, colourful veggies, and house sauce to top it all off.


Meatballer – No. 15

It’s the meatballs you know and love wrapped in a bow with this perfect combination. Get ready to meatball like never before with this combo of pepperoni, meatballs, fresh mozzarella, and finishing touch of parmesan. Are you salivating yet? 


No need to skewer your coworkers because you’re hangry. Team lunch, anyone? 

Remember, this promo is only valid for the month of August, so don’t miss out on those tasty deals!