One of our biggest guilty pleasures is buying a new zine on a whim. So, right off the bat, we’re interested in what Unibrow Arts Festival has to offer this year. In addition to a great collection of local zines for sale, there’s also a virtual gallery and online events to check out! Here’s the scoop.

For a few years now, Unibrow has been curating some of the best creators in the city for their annual zine sale. This year is no different, with dozens of local artists offering everything from random quotes heard on the street to hot pot keychains (which we think we might have to buy).

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Meanwhile, their virtual art gallery shows off a variety of contemporary pieces in a few different mediums. Who knows, you might be able to get your hands on an NFT for a reasonable price. Personally, our budget keeps us in the zine category, but it’s still cool to check out.

And finally, Unibrow is hosting a bunch of free-to-attend events this weekend! That lineup ranges from zine-making workshops to variety shows, and is the perfect substitute for endlessly scrolling through Netflix.

For more information on this awesome arts festival, just click the link below!

Unibrow Arts Festival

When: On until March 31st
Where: Online