If this last year has taught us anything it’s that there are some talented people out there that have begun some pretty successful side hustles, and we love that. But maybe you’re like us and don’t have any savvy side skills. Well, don’t worry because we have found the easiest way to start a side gig with almost 0 talent required. It’s as easy as looking around your house and seeing what cool and useful stuff you have. That’s right, do you own some snowshoes? Tools? Cookware? No matter what it is you can use Ruckify to rent out your things to others interested in these items. Some individuals have actually become quite successful running their shops on Ruckify’s marketplace.

For example, there’s Sabine in Okotoks. She lost her job due to the pandemic, like many. She was apprehensive of the thought of lending her stuff out at first but ultimately gave it a go. She started out slow, just renting out her ride-on mower as there seemed to be a need for it. Now she can’t believe how much stuff she has around her house that people are interested in. She rents out snowboards, party supplies, tools and equipment- you name it, she’s probably got it! She’s happy she took the leap and there’s no looking back!


Then there is Matt in Vancouver. He was looking for an opportunity for his sons to earn some extra cash as a high school job. He stumbled upon Ruckify and thought maybe people would be interested in the snowshoes they had from their years in Scouts. Little did they know how much money they actually could earn. They make more than their friends with regular jobs and they work less hours. Work smarter not harder right? At the rate they’re going his kids stand to make over $8K in 2021. That’s seriously the best side gig for any high school student. Heck, it’s a great side gig for anyone really!

Via Ruckify

If you want to get started just post your items on their site, they recommend renting it for 10% of the purchase price. If you’ve done the math you now know that you could pay that item off in 10 rentals. After that, it’s all profit baby! It’s a win-win because maybe that person renting doesn’t have the cash to buy the item, or they just want to try it out, maybe they can’t store the item? Or maybe they just need it for this one time and don’t want to commit to the purchase price. If you have it sitting around you might as well let it pay itself off!

A lot of individuals have had their jobs affected in some way or another over the past year. So if you’re looking to make some extra moola check it out Ruckify because it’s so easy to do!