We have to say, the National Film Board’s extensive library of Canadian content has been a great option for when rewatching shows on Netflix just doesn’t cut it. And, we’ve got a local documentary to look forward to! As of today, the NFB has released Snow Warrior, a short documentary about Edmonton’s bike couriers.

Not only that, but Edmonton’s bike couriers in winter (spooky). Shot back in 2017, the documentary comes from the local company Open Sky Pictures, which has covered everything from Albertan wrestling to an 85-year-old’s return to the Canadian arctic.

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Anyway, Snow Warrior follows local courier Mariah as she preps for the day and heads out into the chilly Edmonton air. Presented as “a love letter to the splendour of winter”, the documentary also offers a look at one of the city’s most interesting subcultures.

And, at only 8 minutes long, you can check it out on your lunch break! For more info, head to the National Film Board website.