Hello, Vancouver! It’s been a couple of years since we looked at the BC billionaires featured in the annual Forbes list. But, 2020 was a hectic year, and we think it deserves a little recap. While we try and get our heads around how much money the ultra-rich actually made last year, let’s see what our hometown heavy-hitters look like.

Here are the 6 BC billionaires featured in the Forbes list for 2021.

Carl Hansen- $1.8B

A newly minted billionaire in 2020, Carl Hansen is the former UBC professor behind the biotech company AbCellera. A partnership with Eli Lilly, plus successful trials of a COVID treatment, saw their stock soar when it became publicly available.

Jim Pattison- $9.9B USD

Jim Pattison is like the quintessential Canadian billionaire. At 92 years old, the guy has been part of the three-comma club for decades, and he has a hand in everything from Save on Foods to Peterbilt Trucks. Plus, we can’t forget his astounding $75 million donation to the St. Paul’s Foundation in 2017.

David Cheriton- $8.8B USD

Although he resides in America, this Stanford academic was born right here in Vancouver. A heavyweight in the tech investing world, Cheriton was one of the earlier investors in Google, which is basically like having a billionaire coupon. He’s proven savvy ever since, though, and is now backing Arista Networks, a computer networking company.

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Brandt C. Louie- $1.3B USD

Louie appears to be one of those guys that flew under the radar to riches. His company owns the rights to IGA stores across Canada, and he is the Chairman of London Drugs Limited. He has been on the board of directors for a variety of companies/institutions and was the Chancellor of Simon Fraser University as well. If you want a good read, he recently did an op-ed for the Vancouver Sun about his experience with racial discrimination.

Chip Wilson- $4.9B USD

Vancouver’s most famous resident billionaire, Chip Wilson started the international athleisure phenom Lululemon. Since his departure from the company, Wilson has worked through his company, Hold It All Inc., to pursue other opportunities and engage in philanthropy.

Bob Gaglardi- $2.9B USD

An under-the-radar guy, Bob Gaglardi doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page. He founded Northland Properties back in 1963, and the once small company is now a powerhouse. They own the Dallas Stars, Sandman Hotels, Moxie’s, and Revelstoke Mountain Resort. And, as of last year, they also have Grouse Mountain in there!

And those are the BC billionaires that made the Forbes list for 2021! At least, as far as we can tell. Turns out, the world’s ultra-wealthy don’t go publishing autobiographies nearly as often as we thought. Check out the full list here, and if you recognize a name, let us know!