In addition to the little write up we did on Canada’s billionaires, we thought it would be fun to write about what each region brings to the table as well. Turns out, Vancouver is home to five folks that represent diverse sectors. If you’re looking for your next entrepreneurial endeavour, let these guys be your guide.

Jim Pattison- $6B USD

Vancouver’s sweetheart Jim Pattison is both ultra wealthy and ultra generous. Now at the ripe old age of 90, he has helmed the Jim Pattison Group as it became a force in Canada’s economy. Their portfolio includes Save on Foods, the Guinness Book of World Records, Ripley’s and Peterbilt. He also donated $75 million to the St. Paul’s Foundation in 2017, the largest in Canadian history to a medical facility. He wins the contest for the person we would most like to be our surrogate grandfather.

David Cheriton- $5.8B USD

Definitely the most academic guy on this list, David Cheriton holds a PhD in computer science and taught at Stanford. A start of his insane wealth came from being one of the first people to invest in Google (the guy doesn’t need hindsight to have 20/20 vision). In addition, he has helped to either found or fund over 20 different companies. He wins the contest for the person we would most likely buy a book from, regardless of the topic.

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Brandt C. Louie- $1.4B USD

Louie appears to be one of those guys that flew under the radar to riches. His company owns the rights to IGA stores across Canada, and he is the Chairman of London Drugs Limited. He has been on the board of directors for a variety of companies/institutions and was the Chancellor of Simon Fraser University. He wins the contest for the person we would most like to have a power lunch at Hawksworth with.

Chip Wilson- $3.6B USD

Vancouver’s most famous billionaire, Chip Wilson started the international phenom Lululemon. With it came the athleisure trend, and the world heard some pretty controversial remarks from Chip relating to who can wear Lululemon. Although he has since stepped down from his role with the company, he is still very active in philanthropic endeavours. He wins the contest for the person we would most likely challenge to a bike race in West Van.

Bob Gaglardi- $3B USD

Another under the radar guy, Bob Gaglardi doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page. He founded Northland Properties back in 1963, and the once small company is now a powerhouse. They own the Dallas Stars, Sandman Hotels, Moxie’s, and Revelstoke Mountain Resort. He wins the contest for the person we would most like to go to a hockey game with.

And there we go Vancouver! Now you know a little bit more about the richest people in the province, bring up these factoids at your next finance bro event.