One man’s parking lot is another artist’s canvas. That is how the saying goes, isn’t it?  This summer, you have to check out PARK PARK, a brand new multi-use art, pull in and play space, by the folks at the Calgary Parking Authority.

Yeah, you read that right… the CPA has dipped their toes in vibrance. This parking lot/photo op/actual parking lot is not just a pretty slab of concrete!

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“It’s a place of curiosities made from parks. It’s a parking park, a sitting park, a playing park, a gathering park, a riding park, a park kind of park, ” CPA says on their website.

The hope is that this place will spark conversations about enriching Calgary’s neighbourhoods by creating hype around every-day amenities.

“The bright colours and unique features will entice visitors to the space,” they said, adding that they have their fingers crossed that people may even travel to see the installation.

Who knew that in 2020, we’d be talking about taking pictures, and hanging out in parking lots on our free time. What a year it’s been. 

Check it out, Calgary! Despite what may sound ridiculous, it’s actually kind of incredible. Perhaps we’ll even see you there!


When: 9 am – 9 pm every day
Where: Lot 43 — 9th Avenue  and 11th Street SE, Inglewood