Living in Vancouver certainly has its perks – access to the ocean, mountains, and all the beautiful hiking trails and natural wonders that come with it. Unfortunately, the stunning landscape doesn’t pay rent. And some Vancouverites are opting to ditch the big city in favour of a more affordable lifestyle elsewhere in the province.

According to a new ranking by MovingWaldo, there are several places in BC you may want to consider if this sounds like you. The Canadian moving concierge service bases its rankings on each city’s quality of life, access to essential facilities & services, and the current housing prices in 2022.

We should note that these are not the cheapest places to live in BC from a statistical standpoint. However, they are the best “bang-for-your-buck” in terms of access to services and amenities and cheaper housing prices. So, let’s get into it.

Smithers, BC


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At the top of the list is Smithers – a beautiful place to call home if you’re a fan of mountains and waterfalls. The quaint mountain town is known for its top-rated skiing facilities and variety of family-friendly recreational activities – perfect for adventure-seekers and nature-lovers looking to lay down their roots.

House prices in Smithers average at only $330,000, and you could pay as little as $1300 a month to rent a 2-bedroom apartment. Considering that a one-bedroom apartment in Vancouver averages over $2k a month – this almost feels too good to be true.

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Castlegar, BC


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Number two on the list is Castlegar, an artsy, outdoorsy town nestled within the Selkirk Mountain Range in the West Kootenay. Rent is also ridiculously inexpensive when compared with Vancouver (though most places are), at around $1500 a month for a 2-bedroom. House prices average around $400,000 – so it’s certainly possible to build your castle in the beautiful land of Castlegar.

Cranbrook, BC


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Known for its unique craftsmanship and outdoor activities, Cranbrook’s population totals just over 20,000 – so get ready for some serious small-town charm if you decide to move there. The average house price is around $400,000 for a house situated on ⅓ of an acre of land. As for rent, a 2-bedroom apartment typically goes for $1600 a month.

Now that we’ve talked about the top 3, let take a look at the complete list of 10 cheapest cities to live in, according to MovingWaldo:

  1. Smithers
  2. Castlegar
  3. Cranbrook
  4. Prince Rupert
  5. Vernon
  6. Prince George
  7. Valemount
  8. Hope
  9. Nelson
  10. Penticton

It’s worth mentioning that there are other affordable housing options in BC listed in the ranking, including coop housing and transportable tiny homes scattered throughout the province.

So, if you’re ready to part ways with your tiny shoe box in Vancouver, there are definitely options in BC. We hope this list helps you brainstorm some ideas and even get ready to take some next steps.