Somebody call MIGOS, because prices are going up! The latest report from has revealed the cheapest cities for rent across Canada, including BC, Ontario and Alberta. If things are getting a little too rich for your wallet, then these spots might be up your alley.

Every month, looks into the average rent for major cities around Canada. The bad news? Prices are up across the board in July, with a 2.6% increase month over month. In fact, at an average rate of $1,799, prices are a mere $20 off from all-time highs. Sheesh.

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Luckily, you can find places for under that, if you know where to look. Here are the cheapest cities for rent in Canada right now.

  • Nova Scotia – Halifax, $1,648 for a one bedroom
  • British Columbia – Surrey, $1,618 for a one bedroom
  • Quebec – Laval, $1,257 for a one bedroom
  • Ontario – Windsor, $1,249 for a one bedroom
  • Saskatchewan – Regina, $999 for a one bedroom
  • Alberta – Lloydminster, $836 for a one bedroom

We have to admit that while the cheapest city option in BC seems high, it’s still roughly $1,000 less per month than living in Vancouver. Same goes for Windsor versus Toronto, while Alberta is little tighter in the race (Calgary is ‘only’ $1,583 a month).

Either way, that’s a snapshot of what Canada’s rental market is looking like right now!