It’s no secret that skiing is an expensive sport. From the gear to mountain admission – you’re likely racking up quite a bill each time you hit the slopes. And unless you’re going multiple times a week, you might not be getting your money’s worth from your season passes. Thankfully, we’ve rounded up some of the cheapest lift tickets you can find in BC. Let’s dive in!

Baldy Mountain Resort 

We’re starting off with some of the most inexpensive lift tickets in the country. For just $19, you can spend a full day on Mount Baldy ($13 for the afternoon), or opt for a $17 single-ride ticket. Whether you’re trying out the ski hill for the first time or heading up for some back-country skiing, these prices definitely sweeten the pot.

Where: 2680 Mount Baldy Road, Oliver

Phoenix Mountain Ski Area 

This one’s a bit of a trek, but the north-facing Pheonix Mountain offers some of the best alpine opportunities in Boundary Country. For a mix of challenging slopes and long-sweeping beginner-friendly trail, this is a great option. And for just $47 for a full day of skiing/snowboarding ($39 for a half-day), your wallet will thank you too.

Multi-day passes are also available for $135 for three full days of skiing, and $255 for six days.

Where: 8000 Phoenix Ski Hill Road, Grand Forks

Sasquatch Mountain Resort 

Depending on when you book, full-day tickets at the Sasquatch Mountain Resort range from $69 to $89, which is definitely worth the trip out to Agassiz. Especially since the mountain is known for having some of the best snowfall and slopes in BC!

Where: 20955 Hemlock Valley Road, Agassiz

Mount Seymour


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Now, for the option that’s most accessible to Vancouver. Mount Seymour is currently offering 3Ski weekday and night passes for $99 and $126 respectively, which allows skiers to ride the lift three times – with or without rentals. This comes down to $33 for a night ride or $42 for a day ride, which saves skiers up to 40%.

Where: 1700 Mount Seymour Road, North Vancouver

Mount Timothy

Located in the South Cariboo region, this family-friendly mountain offers skiers full-day access for $72, or $58 for a half-day. Lift tickets can be purchased in person at the newly renovated bottom lodge. If you’re looking for smaller crowds and a more relaxed vibe on the slopes, this is a great option.

Where: 5398 Timothy Lake Road, Lac la Hache

Manning Park Resort

Last but not least – we come to Manning Park Resort. Their lift tickets are dynamically priced, meaning you’ll get a better deal if you book them in advance. Currently, their website shows full-day prices between $59 and $81 for January and February, depending on the day of the week.

Where: 7500 BC-3, Manning Park

Well, that’s all for now, Vancouver! We hope you save some extra money this season. Otherwise, there are some pretty fantastic ski resorts in BC worth checking out if you’re ok with a little splurge.