If you’re dreaming of a getaway but can’t justify the price of plane tickets these days, we’ve got good news. You can score cheap flights from Toronto to beautiful cities all over Canada right now.

With prices like these, you’ll have plenty of room in your budget for attractions and excursions.

Here are eight cheap flights from Toronto for under $60 one-way. Safe travels!

Toronto to Vancouver: $59

Dreaming of skiing in Whistler this winter? Right now, one-way flights from Toronto to Vancouver cost $59 on various dates in early 2024.

Toronto to Calgary: $49

Next year, you can head off to Calgary for the very low price of $49 via Flair Airlines.

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Toronto Halifax: $49

Quick trip to the east coast? Sounds dreamy to us! You can jet over to Halifax for just $49 one-way.

Toronto to Saint John: $49

Fall is a beautiful time of year, especially out east. You can travel to the beautiful city of Saint John for $49 in October.

Toronto to Edmonton: $59

Pay a visit to the great city of Edmonton this fall for just $59 one-way, through the low-cost airline Lynx.

Toronto to Winnipeg: $48.73

If you’ve never been to Winnipeg, these cheap flights through Lynx Air are a great excuse to check it out.

Toronto to Fredericton: $48.74

Here’s another great excuse to do some exploring here in the North — flights to Fredericton for just $48.73 this fall on Lynx.

Happy exploring, friends!