Ready to plan a trip this fall? If you’re looking to head out west, this may be a good time to book a flight because Flair Airlines is currently offering $49 flights to Vancouver.

While one-way flights from Edmonton or Calgary to Vancouver are generally $140 and over, Flair Airlines is showing multiple dates at $49 for a flight. In fact, the airline states that it has over 100,000 seats available for $49 or less.

If you’re looking to depart from Edmonton, flights are available throughout October and into November.

Image via Flair Airlines

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And if you’re looking in Calgary, it is roughly around the same time you can find cheaper flights to Vancouver. Have a look at dates after October 23, and into November as well.

You should be able to find several options!

Image via Flair Airlines

Keep in mind, Flair Airlines is a budget-friendly airline, so these are basic fares that do not include checked-in luggage. Besides this flight, it also has flights to Toronto for $69 one-way, and if you’re looking to head to Kelowna, you can add a flight from Vancouver to Kelowna for $13.

While in Vancouver, be sure to check out the things to do in the city!

Not so bad for fall travel options!