Here’s a unique provincial park to put onto your road map during the warmer months: Chasm Park in southern Cariboo features a lava-layered river canyon, which visitors can explore via old roads along the edge of the chasm. If you’re up for an adventure, read on!

The park also conserves forests of ponderosa pine at the northern end, which surround diverse, low-elevation lakes and marshes. These are home to rich ecosystems, so wildlife viewing is all but guaranteed here.

Note that the Ecological Reserve is not open for outdoor recreation, but it is open to the public for hikers, nature observers, and photographers.

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chasm park bc
Photo via BC Parks

As for the river canyon, visitors can witness successive lava flows formed over the past 10 million years, which appear in various tones of red, brown, yellow, and purple.

Although the hiking trails are mostly unmarked, older roads, the park does offer a pull-out viewing area and a larger parking area with a toilet.

So there you have it, BC – a lesser-known gem of a provincial park to explore the next time you’re in the area.

Chasm Park

Where: Chasm Creek, BC

Information on Chasm Park is from BC Parks and is accurate as of the publication date.