Think you’ve got “rizz?” If the answer is yes, prepare to be stunned… or impressed!

In a new report released by Preply, the most (and least) charismatic cities across Canada were revealed and you might be surprised to see which northern destination may have perfected the IT factor.

From coast to coast, it’s hard to deny that every province has its own charm, but those in British Columbia take the cake.

Based on search volume data collected from Google Trends over the past year, Burnaby and Vancouver are the most committed when it comes to having charisma.

Whether it be “how to flirt,” or “dress to impress,” these spots have really put effort into impressing those around them with Burnaby racking up 4,291 searches last year, followed by Vancouver who made 3.455.

Other cities that were all about “rizzing” people up over the last 12 months? Toronto, who came in third, and Richmond, another West Coast honouree.

Calgary, Alberta rounded out the top 5 having searched “how to have listening skills” above all else, while those in Quebec, proved that they are less eager to attract than others.

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Here’s a full breakdown of what people were searching for this year and where they landed on Preply’s Rizzlist:

Photo via Preply

But there you have it! Are you surprised to see what people are Googling or to learn which cities in Canada were the most charismatic?

Let us know and good luck out there – “rizz” aside, just remember to be yourself and you’ll be golden! You’ve got this.