2024 has been an incredibly exciting season with more twists and turns than we can count, but it won’t be long until one team walks away victorious.

On Friday, June 24th, 2024 the Edmonton Oilers will play against the Florida Panthers in the Stanley Cup Finals and fans around the world are on the edge of their seats.

Among them? Teachers, tradespeople, nurses, engineers, accountants, doctors and even celebrities (just to name a few.)

Want to know who else has been known to rock a jersey from time to time? Here are just a few celebrities who have shown the Edmonton Oilers some love.

Snoop Dogg 

While in town for the Cali to Canada tour, the D-O-double G hyped up the audience for Game 6 of the 2024 series – which they won! What’s more, for much of the concert he even repped an Oilers jersey. If that isn’t support, we don’t know what is. 

Todd McFarlane

Comic books and hockey! Todd McFarlane, an artist who worked on The Amazing Spider-Man and the creator of the superhero horror-fantasy series Spawn, is another long-time fan of the Edmonton Oilers.

In fact, he even designed one of their most iconic hockey jerseysIncredible!

Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith, a beloved director, producer, writer, and actor, is not shy about his love of hockey – or the Oilers. Whether it be a movie, an interview or his appearance on The Simpsons, Smith has repped the orange and blue with pride.

Brett Kissel 

Canadian Country singer Brett Kissel is a certified superfan. Not only does he frequently wear team merch, but the star also flew to Florida for the playoffs and has celebrated with fans all over Alberta.

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The Jonas Brothers


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As part of their big World Tour, Nick, Kevin and Joe were in Edmonton earlier this year and actually stuck around to enjoy a hockey game before heading to Winnipeg. In a video posted on the team’s social media, Joe can even be seen in the stands wearing a home jersey – which may have been good luck. The team one that particular game 4-3.


Will the Oilers “One, two step” their way to victory? We can’t be sure, but here’s hoping singer, dancer, and early 2000s favourite wears her Oilers jersey for good luck – as seen here on her Instagram. 

Justin Bieber

Canadian icon, Justin Beiber may not cheer for the Edmonton Oilers over the Maple Leafs, but the singer did show Edmonton and team captain, Connor McDavid, some love in this clip posted to TikTok by the NHL.

Jordan Buhat

Edmonton-born actor, Jordan Buhat (Grownish),  is another huge fan of the team and has posted several times over the years in support of the Oilers. We love to see it!

Lil Nas X

While it’s unclear if he is loyal to the team, Lil Nas X has repped an Oilers jersey, and that’s a win. See the video here. 

Shania Twain 

Oh, so you’re a Brad Pitt? That won’t impress country legend, Shania Twain – but a win during the Stanley Cup finals might. After an incredible Rogers Festival performance before game 6, Twain stayed and watched the game from the stands – then posted about it on social media, cheering on the team.

Wayne Gretzky 

Last but not least! The Great One has always gushed about the Oilers, once mentioning how hard it was to play against them while on the LA Kings because the fans felt like family.

Once an Edmontonian, always an Edmontonian. 

Here’s hoping they make him proud.

And there you have it, folks! 11 Celebrities who have shown the Edmonton Oilers some love. Did we miss any famous fans? Let us know in the comments!