Let’s get real people, content consumption is a crucial part of our morning routine. So, if you are looking to swap out mind-numbing, negative content for fun, informative and inspiring, we have a strong recommendation for you. The Early Edition on CBC Vancouver!

As far as content gems go, CBC Vancouver is a treasure trove of them. And The Early Edition is a brilliant one among the lot. The show pretty much lives up to its name. It gives you an early edition of the news, traffic updates, inspiring stories and other fun things happening in our community.

If you are a radio person, you either love the show already or you haven’t heard it yet. And we are here to give you that little nudge. Here are 5 reasons you need to add CBC Vancouver’s The Early Edition to your morning routine—

cbc vancouver downtown

Healthy way to start a solid morning routine

As we said, your morning routine sets the tone. So, kicking it off with Stephen Quinn’s upbeat, cheerful voice while making your morning cuppa joe is a good idea. You can get your morning dose of local and sometimes global updates while brushing, dressing, driving or whatever else you need to do.

Uplifting stories & interviews to start on a positive note

What we love most about The Early Edition is that it perfectly navigates the territory between serious and lighthearted. In addition to the newsy segments, there are some inspiring and uplifting ones too. Like the time Natasha Jung, the founder of Cold Tea Collective; and Amelie Nguyen, the co-founder of Anh and Chi Vietnamese Restaurant in Vancouver joined Quinn.

Inspired by the Oscar speeches of the Everything, Everywhere, All At Once cast, the three had an emotional conversation about what it’s like to be a first-generation immigrant and have immigrant parents. You can catch that segment here.

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Great way to stay connected to the community

Given the show is designed to give Vancouverites updates about things happening in and impacting our neighbourhoods, it’s needless to say it’s a great point of connection. The show covers a variety of topics both, local and global that have a local impact.

A great example of the latter was a recent segment on the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and its impact on the Canadian tech industry. We are no tech enthusiasts but it sure was a gripping segment.

Be the first in-the-know

The show brings you updates on everything you might have missed the previous day. And it brings you all the updates at 6 AM. It is, after all, called The Early Edition for a reason. We learned about BC Ferries receiving 500 million dollars to keep fares affordable and add electric vessels to its fleet. If you’re still not in on this hot piece of news, we check the segment out for yourself.

Unbiased takes on the latest news

As heavy consumers of social content, we can vouch for the fact that finding news is a breeze. What’s not a breeze is finding news the way it is supposed to be reported— in an unbiased manner. Sure, there are opinions presented on the show. But they are presented as opinions, not news.

If you are hoping to amp up your mornings and be more aware of your surroundings, tune into The Early Edition on CBC Vancouver. The show airs at 6 AM every weekday morning and is available on-demand online at the CBC Listen website (linked below).