Joining the social media flock is one way of voicing your concerns. The other is using a trusted platform like CBC Radio in Vancouver. The latter is where you can share your opinions on current events, be heard and stay connected with the issues that impact your community. The latter is also what CBC Vancouver’s BC Today is all about.

If you haven’t already tuned in and/or called in, BC Today with Michelle Eliot is a hybrid news-meets-talk show. So, the show is all about bringing the hottest events happening in and the latest issues impacting our communities. The show brings you updates from across the province. And it covers a wide range of topics relevant to British Columbians.

bc today
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This includes the sextortion legislation, allegations of interference in the Vancouver election, mental health, welcoming spring with master gardener Brian Minter and many more.

But here’s what makes it different. The show serves as a platform for you to be heard. You can call in to share about local issues in your community and neighbourhood.

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More importantly, you can share your take on these issues. Like the time when host Michelle Eliot informed us of the proposed class action lawsuit a BC parent was launching against the makers of Fortnight. The parent alleged that the game is designed to be highly addictive. Eliot opened the floor for British Columbians to weigh in and share their approach to spending time and money on gaming. Intriguing, eh?

BC Today airs and streams every weekday at 12 PM PT (1 PM MT). And is available on-demand on the CBC Radio website below.