You’ve probably already heard of them by now, or maybe even tried them out. But just ICYMI, there is a (relatively) new Italian eatery in town. And they are doing things a bit a lot differently. Enter: Casereccio Foods Eatery & Cafe.

How the brand came to be is quite an interesting and inspiring story, the kind you’d expect to see in a movie or a series. Three friends— Alexandro Cascia, Simone Tarallo, and Maria Clarkson— got laid off work during the pandemic. They decide to work on a new food concept with their gastronomical talents and experience.

Starting from scratch from a spare bedroom, they started making a variety of fresh homemade pasta and sauces that garnered a lot of love on social media. Soon they were delivering these delicious delights around town. And before they knew it, they had a physical location in the beautiful and relaxed Kitsilano neighbourhood.

Casereccio Foods Eatery & Cafe now serves homemade, fresh authentic Italian take-out and dine-in with patio. Their menu boasts a wide selection of fresh pasta made in-house, customizable dishes, family style catering, croissants and world-award Gelato Artigianale. There are also grab-and-go desserts and Sicilian-roasted café beverages to finish your meal off.

And, of course, the quick and easy, frozen fresh, pre-made options to take home that are all the rage RN.

Since they opened in mid-2020, they have been sharing the soul-nourishing bliss that is authentic Italian food with Vancouverites. As proof, we present these drool-worthy picks. Fair warning though, the following content is dangerously mouth-watering. Proceed at your own risk!

Fresh pasta

Pistacchio cornetto

Arancino rice ball

Porcini cream sauce

Sour cherry gelato

Pistachio gelato

Classic lasagna

Spaghetti meatballs

Pesto e burrata

Cornetto gelato

Ready for a truly gratifying indulgence? Head over to Casereccio Foods Eatery & Café. And don’t forget to follow them on the ‘Gram for your regular dose of deliciousness.


2480 Vine St, Vancouver

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