We’re not going to lie, the process of buying a car can sometimes be nerve-wracking. From the sweaty palms to all of the social anxieties that come from dealing with salespeople, you’re not alone if it’s not your favourite experience. Luckily, Carooga is here to save the day.

This Vancouver-born tech company just simplified Canadian’s car-buying process by making it virtual with their “fancy pants technology” (as they like to call it). Carooga isn’t really a dealership- it’s fully online, it’s transparent, it makes the otherwise daunting car-buying process super fun, and most importantly, it’s not annoying in the least.

Image via Carooga

Now, when we say they simplified the process, we mean every single aspect of it. You can get pre-approved, get your finances sorted, see every nook and cranny of the vehicle with a 360° online test drive and do everything that you would at a physical dealership without moving your ass off your chair. Saving you literally hours of travel and waiting around. 

But here’s what really sets them apart, besides the fact that they are the first-ever Canadian online dealership offering completely online financing in just 2 minutes, they have a thing called the 7-day test drive. It’s bloody brilliant! Unlike the usual car-purchase process, you are not stuck with the car once you’ve signed the sales papers. With the 7-day test drive, you can try the car out for 7 days, and if you aren’t feeling it, you can exchange or return it. The best part- the return comes awkwardness-free. They will even come pick it up and give your full money back. YASSS!

Image via Curiocity

Plus, there are other perks of buying from Carooga that go beyond mere convenience. First off, like shopping for groceries, there is just one low price, meaning you don’t have to coerce a better deal. Then there is the CARFAX report that outlines the entire history of a car and a 90-day/ 3,000 KM warranty they provide free of charge. So, you can rest assured about the vehicle’s quality.

Finally, the payment transparency. When all you need is a website, not a fancy glass building, these savings are passed directly to the consumer. Combining this with no hidden fees whatsoever! We know, ‘where the hell has Carooga been all our life’, right?

Enough chit chat, check out this cool online “dealership” for the best 100% online. car-buying experience you’ve had.