There’s no better time than summer to load up the car and set out on a mission to explore. But what if you’re lacking the whole ‘car’ part? 

Road trips can get pricey, especially when you’re paying for gas and all those other extras on your rental. Luckily, car shares are providing more affordable alternatives, and the best part is that you can rent them for as short or as long a time as you want. 

Communauto car share lets you get around for as little as $30 a day. Whether you need a vehicle to carry your weekly grocery haul or you’re planning a visit to some of northern Alberta’s gorgeous lakes, they’ve got what you need to choose your own adventure.

Here are 5 reasons to try a car share for your next trip:

car share
Photo via Communauto

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It’s Way Cheaper

Conventional car rentals are not for the faint of heart – or wallet. Car sharing is a much more affordable alternative, and you get a breakdown of all the costs before you book. Communauto car shares include insurance, gas for your trip, and free parking, all part of the deal. This way, you know exactly how much your car will cost you, so you can spend the rest of your trip budget on the fun stuff.

Parking Freedom

Parking struggles mean that you’re frustrated and haggard before you even get to your destination. Who wants that? With a car share, your parking is all included, so you don’t have to bother with the meter. You’ll definitely feel this one if you’re trekking around the city, where parking is pricey and hard to find. 

car share
Photo via Communauto

Flexible Plans

Borrow a vehicle for the afternoon, or book it for the whole week. Communauto has car share options for every itinerary. Maybe you live downtown and don’t really need a car – except you’ve been meaning to hit up Costco and buy some stuff in bulk. That’s what flex trips are for! Book a car the day you need it, and drop it off when you’re done. There are pick-up and drop-off locations throughout Edmonton and Calgary, so there’s no hassle on your part.

A Sustainable Choice

Car sharing is a great way to reduce the number of cars on the road without sacrificing the convenience of when you need one. If you prefer to walk or transit in your day-to-day, then why not forgo a personal car altogether? Car shares mean you get all the perks with none of the upkeep. It’s cheaper for you, and it’s better for the environment. Sounds like a win-win.

Super Convenient

We can’t emphasize enough how easy this is. You can do everything you need through the app, from choosing your car, arranging a pick-up location that works for you, and selecting a spot to drop it off. Booking a car share is a great way to get around Alberta without the admin nightmare of coordinating a rental. 

So go get started on planning your next adventure – or just get a hatchback for the afternoon so you can buy toilet paper in bulk. Whatever works.