If you love exploring rugged beaches and coastal wildernesses, you’ll definitely want to add Cape Scott Park to your summer itinerary, which is accessible via hike through the San Josef Bay Trailhead. Named after a historical lighthouse that has guided mariners since 1960, Cape Scott is situated at the northwestern tip of Vancouver Island, known for having over 115 km of scenic shorelines, including 30 km of remote beaches.

Stretching from Shushartie Bay in the east and Cape Scott in the west, the park features everything from salt marshes and rocky cliffsides to fine, white-sand beaches. The most well-known of its beaches, Nels Bight, is over 2,400 metres long (and 210 metres wide at low tide) – and is one of the park’s most popular camping spots.

Other notable scenic beaches to check out include San Josef Bay, Guise Bay, Experiment Bight, Lowrie Bay, and Nissen Bight – according to BC Parks.

cape scott park
Photo via Destination BC / BC Parks

Another exciting natural feature to check out during your visit is the sea stacks, or stacks of rocks in the sea that are accessible during low tide.

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cape scott park
Photo via EB Adventure Photography / Shutterstock

Park visitors can choose between a day hike to the sandy beaches or a backpacking trip through ancient rainforests and lowland bogs at this fantastic wilderness park.

In terms of the latter, visitors can check out old-growth trees like the Sitka Spruce (20 minutes north of the Eric Lake campsite) which measures more than 7 metres in circumference.

So there you have it, Vancouver! Another stunning destination and adventure all rolled into one.

Cape Scott Park 

Where: Northwestern tip of Vancouver Island

Information on Cape Scott Park is from BC Parks, and is accurate as of publication date.