It’s been weeks since we binged our way through Netflix’s pièce de résistance, Bridgerton, and we have some thoughts. Without rose-coloured glasses, all that we really liked about the show were the sets… and maybe the soundtrack, but that’s it! Actually, we suppose the cast wasn’t so bad either. Also, the costumes were pretty cool… And the storyline actually gripped us. Okay, we loved it, and we definitely know we aren’t alone. How do we know this? Well, the travel company Contiki confirmed it, announcing this month that in 2022, fans will actually be able to take a Bridgerton-inspired Contiki adventure. 

During this romantic romp through London, Salisbury, and Bath, England, travellers can actually visit 19 different filming locations, including Queen Charlotte’s residence, the Bridgerton, and Fetherington family homes, and Anthony and Simon’s private men’s club.

Tourists will also enjoy decade-inspired experiences like a picnic and promenade in Painshill Park, and a high tea at Sally Lunn’s Historic Eating House and Museum. 

This trip will only be 4 days, but holy spoon scene, will you see some things. Lords and Ladies, they’ve packed this itinerary full of historic sites and era-appropriate events. 

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Unfortunately, this trip offer will be temporary and must be ‘unlocked’ via their Instagram – but doing that is as easy as tagging a friend.

For more information on this Bridgerton Contiki adventure, photos and more check out their website here. The social season could be upon you!