Advertisements are meant to be expressive, create awareness, and maybe even enchant the eye. In our opinion, no one has done this better in recent times than a Canadian Tire in Alberta, whos billboard has now gone viral.

While we wish that we could tell you that your peepers are deceiving you, that absolutely is a butt crack in all it’s fleshy glory, and yeah, it was intentional.

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The semi-trailer sized promo for the home hardware store shows an intergluteal cleft amongst the flowers, and wow, kudos to whoever was behind this.

Obviously, not everyone will get a solid chuckle out of this quite as we did, and we pity those people. The Leduc bulletin is a quick harmless “haha” meant to distract you from the QE II weekend traffic for only a moment, and we can appreciate that.

Though we should remind you not to slow down, or set your sights on it for too long, it’s definitely worth a second’s long look-see if you happen to be outside of Edmonton going south on highway 2.

In our opinion this is art. Art in its most honest and most relatable form. Snaps to you Canadian Tire for your billboard. It’s good. Really good.