This just in— The Canadian Tire Money is back for a limited time!

Before the electronic Triangle Rewards program, the iconic Canadian retail brand had actual bills, aka, Canadian Tire Money or CTM. Now, for its 100th anniversary, the retailer has taken $100 bills out of the vault and wants to share them with you. 

canadian tire money
via Canadian Tire

Yes, Canadian Tire is 100 years old (or 100 years young as they’ve been terming it). But for those who have been anywhere near social media, this is no news. After all, the brand has been sharing videos all year of what it’s like to have served Canadians for a whole century.

Taking their celebration a notch higher, the retail brand is now giving back to the communities it has been a part of all these years. And they found a super fun way of doing it!

So, they are hiding exclusive $100 Canadian Tire bills in communities across Canada. And they are yours to hunt.

@canadiantire #FindCT100 ♬ original sound – Canadian Tire


Starting Friday, September 23rd to Thursday, September 29th, 2022, they will drop hints on their TikTok account telling you where you can find these bills.

Let’s get hunting, Canada! #FindCT100