This year, winter was longer, more difficult and undeniably uneventful no thanks to COVID restrictions. Luckily we still had Canadian TikTok and our imaginations to get us through. This killer combination totally changed the content game, and honestly, we wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Why? Well because it blessed our dry, tired eyes with videos like the one below of a man proudly inventing sailbogganing.

With 101.4k current views on the original video alone, Ryan Doka from Saskatchewan has likely encouraged many to tie garbage bags to a sled… which is incredibly strange and also pretty wholesome.

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@dokaryanEveryone wanted this version and um glad it exists ##sailboggan ##yqr ##regina ##skstorm♬ Pirates of the Caribbean: He’s a Pirate – Best Movie Soundtracks

During a recent wind storm, the Canadian successfully invented a sailboat/toboggan hybrid, something that we seriously hope catches on, is reimagined sans duct tape and gets mass-produced in the very, very near future.

Check it out, folks! But maybe don’t try this without someone who’s icy hands can still call an ambulance. Just in case. 

Thanks, Canadian TikTok, you really are a delight.