Life isn’t perfect, but as long as we have air, water and Beyonce, we think we’ll be fine. If you ever feel the need to complain about our geography or politics, just remember that things on Earth could always be worse. Don’t believe us? Look to planet K2-141b, a floating, desolate, hellscape of fire, lava, and horror.

According to scientists at McGill University, York University, and the Indian Institute of Science Education, K2-141b is actually one of the most extreme planets to have been discovered on the outer limits of our solar system.

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With supersonic winds that travel at nearly 5000 km/hr and an ocean of molten lava 100 km deep, this terrifying space marble is literally every living beings’ worst nightmare.

Here, it casually rains rocks instead of droplets; and because the planet is one that is unable to orbit as most do, the side facing their nearest star is locked in the perpetual daytime; meaning that half is a frozen wasteland which experiences frigid temperatures of below -200 C. Needless to say, this spot is no vacation destination.

So again. Yes, Earth has its issues but they’re nothing we can’t handle.

Next time things get tough, just think… “at least it doesn’t pour minerals.”