Whether or not you’re a fan of the Star Wars franchise, it’s hard to deny that lightsabers are pretty freaking cool. They may be one of the most iconic movie props in history so it’s a shame that they’re almost completely made up of special effects and imagination. In reality, there’s really no way to recreate such a scientifically advanced object, right? Wrong – enter Canadian engineer, die-hard sci-fi fan, AND popular YouTuber, James Hobson, better know as The Hacksmith.

Since starting his channel 14 years ago, Hobson has accumulated an audience of 10.1 million people on the platform. Best known for making iconic movie items like Iron Man’s gauntlet and several of Batman’s fun little gadgets, it’s safe to say that he deserves the attention.

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This guy is pretty spot on when it comes to his wild inventions but his replica plasma lightsaber may be the coolest yet. Using liquid petroleum gas, he was able to make this bad boy look, retract, and most importantly, actually work like the real thing – which is something that has actually never been done before.

To see how it was done, check the video above! Or for an in-depth look at what went into creating this thing, check out the Hacksmith YouTube channel here. He’s actually made an entire series on recreating it from start to finish – but please…. please, don’t try it yourself. We’ve seen one too many hands lost to the glow of the fancy space pole.

Happy viewing!