It looks like Tim Hortons’ recent celebrity collab might’ve been the start of a new trend. The chain released its limited-time collection of Justin Bieber’s Timbiebs just a few days ago and other Canadian icons we know and love are already trying to get in on the action.

BeaverTails has taken to Instagram in an attempt to win Justin Bieber over with a treat in his honour. In the post, BeaverTails shared a screenshot of Bieber’s tweet from 2012 where he wrote, “cereal is really good.”

The pastry chain replied saying that they’d bring back their former cereal-coated BeaverTails and rename them to “BieberTails” if the star was willing to get on board.

They even commented on one of Bieber’s posts about his Tim Hortons collab asking him to “check his DMs.”

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Other brands offered up their collab ideas in the comments too. “Timbiebs needs an ice cold Biebweiser,” Budweiser Canada wrote.

Celebrities are hopping on the bandwagon too. Michael Bublé posted a video on Instagram expressing his disappointment at not being considered for the collab.

“Timbiebs, I get it, it’s cute,” he said in the video, “I feel like it’s a bit of a missed opportunity, I mean no one thought of Bublé Balls or Bublé Bits?” The singer even has a flavour in mind — honey-dipped cinnamon maple.


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Even the Toronto Maple Leafs taste-tested the Timbits and the players agreed that they’re “absolutely delicious.”

If this means we have celebrity-endorsed poutine and maple treats to look forward to in the future, we’re totally here for it.