Another wild world record has been set in Canada, this time by a 15-year-old basketball player in Quebec. Olivier Rioux is confirmed to be the tallest living male teenager on Earth and has landed himself a spot in the Guinness World Records 2022 book.

Rioux stands at 7 ft and 5.33 in, a whole foot taller than the peak height that doctors predicted he would reach, according to the Guinness article. Rioux has always been tall for his age and already stood at 5’2″ by the time he was in Grade 5!

His parents and sibling are tall as well, but not quite as tall as he is. Rioux’s brother is 6’9″, his dad is 6’8″ and his mom is 6’1″. Being a world record holder is something that Rioux always thought was possible for himself and he’s “emotionally shocked and relieved” to finally get it.

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The teen is putting his physical size to good use as a basketball player at the elite IMG Academy.

His height also makes him somewhat of a celebrity and he said that people once lined up to take pictures with him on a family vacation in Cuba.

This isn’t the only Canadian accomplishment you’ll see in next year’s Guinness World Records. A bridge in Pickering, Ontario has been named the longest enclosed pedestrian bridge in the world at 250 metres long. Clearly, we’re soaring to new heights here in the north.