After over 20 years of being on the air, the Canadian TV show Caillou was cancelled by the last channel to show it- PBS Kids. The announcement was made on Twitter on January 5th, and it led to much rejoicing. We’re hopping on that train, too.

Although relatively innocuous during its early years (1997-2002), the show has become one of the most criticized on television. We’re talking everything from newspaper articles to subreddits and a full-on banned episode. And now, time for a tangent.

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Unlike other children’s programming, Caillou made no real, concerted attempts to show the growth of the character. So instead, you’ve got episode after episode of Caillou doing something basic, encountering some small issue, and whining about it. The so-called ‘Prince of Imagination’ could not fathom a reality where he doesn’t get his way, always. And we weren’t’ kidding about people rejoicing. Twitter was absolutely lighting up with Caillou slander the second the news dropped.

It’s a real departure from Canadian animated programming, which has brought us everything from Arthur to Clone High (and, of course, the surrealist masterpiece Nanalan). Not in that it’s bad, but that it managed to hang around so long being bad.

Goodbye, Caillou.