If you’re looking for a welcoming spa experience to try in the new year, get ready for the all-new Lush Spa on Robson Street – the first of its kind in Canada and the second Lush Spa in North America. The bright, inviting space welcomes guests into a world of relaxation that starts with intention-setting and ends in wellness from the inside out. Let’s dive in!

The location

The revamped Lush location on Robson Street joins the Lush Spa in New York in creating a playful wellness environment, where guests are free to choose from a number of bespoke treatments that explore the five senses.

Treatments come in various durations to suit every schedule, and can be personalized to fit every comfort and ability level.

Co-founder Rowena Bird shares with Curiocity that “all are welcome” at the spa, whether it’s your first spa experience or your hundredth.

As for her personal favourite Lush items, Bird shares that she, like many, is a big fan of the popular Rose Jam shower gel and intoxicating Pansy perfume, which consists of Rosemary, orange flower and galbanum.

lush spa vancouver
Photo via Curiocity

The treatments

Before treatment, guests have the option of sitting down at the “Kitchen Table” in the entrance area of the spa to discuss which areas of their bodies (and minds) they’d like to focus on.

This includes setting intentions and exploring any Lush massage bars they’d like to incorporate into their treatment – which guests get to take home with them!

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lush spa on robson vancouver
Photo via Curiocity

From facials to full-body massages, here are all the treatments you can currently get at the new Lush Spa:

  • Validation Facial – Radiate Confidence (60 mins). A deeply indulgent and bespoke facial treatment designed to pamper the skin and make you glow inside and out. ($170)
  • Fresh Facial – Glowing, happy skin awaits (30 mins). Immerse yourself in a personalized selection of fresh products. ($95)
  • The Comforter – Daydream believer (60 mins). A cozy 60-minute treatment with a warming hot chocolate body scrub to leave your skin soft and glowing. ($170)
  • Tailor Made – Remedy aches and pains (30 mins). Gain respite from aches and pains with this localized, firm massage, involving trigger point techniques. ($95)
  • The Good Hour – Free yourself from tension (70 mins). A firm, full-body massage using trigger point techniques to deliver relief from knots and reawaken the muscles. ($190)
  • Hard Days Night – Rest, stretch and awaken refreshed (75 mins). A recipe for a good night’s sleep, infused with a full-body massage and assisted yoga. ($170)
  • Synaesthesia – How do you want to feel? (80 mins). Waves of massage, music and sensory delirium revive the body and transform your state of mind. ($240)
  • Tangled Hair – Regain energy (25 mins). Using firm techniques on the scalp, face and upper body. Awake from this treatment feeling refreshed and invigorated. ($70)
  • The Spell – Get grounded (60 mins). A tension-alleviating, reflexology-inspired foot treatment to help you move forward and leave worries behind. ($130)
  • Spa Bathing – Book a Bath – Bathing for health and happiness. (30 mins) Get back to nature with The Lakes Book-A-Bath Room Tour. This immersive bathing experience brings the outdoors in. ($65)
  • Tales Of Bath – Bathe, rest and be restored (75 mins). This three-part treatment involves a gentle seated shoulder massage, a skin-soothing mineral bath and a full-body side-lying massage. ($190)

The brand

Co-founded by Rowena Bird (along with five friends) almost 30 years ago, Lush has transformed from a beloved UK brand to a household name across the globe, with over 886 locations across 52+ countries.

In BC, the new Lush Spa joins eight other Lush locations, including a distribution centre in South Vancouver.

Those interested in diving into a new Lush experience can now book a spa treatment online.

So there you have it, Vancouver! When it comes to relaxation, all the senses should be involved.

Lush Spa at Robson Street

Where: 1020 Robson Street