Back in September of 2020, the (admittedly not very popular) Guinness World Records Museum in Niagara Falls closed down. But, we never would have expected that they’d be clearing their inventory by selling it all online! Here’s the scoop.

The museum had managed to be in operation for over 4 decades, and even attracted some world record holders to swing by. Of course, the main tourist draw was the memorabilia related to the records, and they did have a pretty eclectic collection.

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world records museum auction

Like what was once the world’s smallest bicycle, or the world’s largest pinball machine. Need a camera you could hang on a necklace? Pick up their PETAL, which held the world’s smallest camera title back in the 70s. It’s like a crazy uncle’s garage on steroids, and we’re here for it.

Especially because they’re also selling their displays. You could seriously buy this out and have a ready-to-go museum of your own. Well, you’d still be short a major component- a time machine, to return to an era when roadside attractions were relevant.

You can check out the full catalogue of the Guinness World Records Museum, and even start bidding, on the Ripley Auctions website (ironic twist, we know). Here’s hoping we don’t get into a bidding war with one of our readers!