Canada’s Top 100 Employers list is out and it looked at how employees felt about many of the challenges faced this past year.

The 2023 winners were announced on November 18, 2022 by Mediacorp Canada Inc., which organizes the competition on an annual basis.

The way we work has changed as work-from-home is the new normal and for the most part, it’s been a great change. And even more companies are shifting their efforts to support employees through health in all aspects.

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Many organizations have not only jumped on the WFH idea but have made strides to support health and wellness, by introducing enhanced programming and resources, increasing mental health services, and access to mindfulness and meditation apps.

With the importance of mental health at the forefront, these services only make employers look much more desirable when applying.

“Employers are trying to find their footing in unfamiliar territory,” says Richard Yerema, executive editor of Canada’s Top 100 Employers project at Mediacorp. “There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach for hybrid and remote work. Agility and willingness to learn from feedback and try something new is what differentiates this year’s winners.”

The annual competition is now in its 23rd edition and recognizes employers with outstanding human resource programs and forward-thinking workplace policies.

The employers are graded on eight criteria:

  1. Physical Workplace;
  2. Work Atmosphere & Social;
  3. Health, Financial & Family Benefits;
  4. Vacation & Time Off;
  5. Employee Communications;
  6. Performance Management;
  7. Training & Skills Development;
  8. Community Involvement.

“There really isn’t an alternative to listening to employees and trying to understand how their needs have changed,” said Anthony Meehan, publisher at Mediacorp “We see a lot being written on trends like ‘quiet quitting’ and employees not wanting to return to their pre-pandemic working arrangements, but the reality is that burn-out and mental health have become significant challenges. Finding ways to ensure that employees can disconnect, rest and recharge has become mission-critical to an organization’s success and sustainability.”

Here’s Canada’s Top 100 Employers list: