The people behind the Top 100 Restaurants in Canada are back with a new list, this time highlighting the best bars in the country. Calgary Suddenly, your confusion about where to go get a drink this weekend is gone, nice. Alberta ended up with 7 entries on the list, not great, not bad.

Toronto’s Bar Raval is once again the best bar in Canada, with Vancouver’s Keefer Bar directly behind it. Calgary’s own, Proof, clinched a spot in the top 10, and Clementine in Edmonton the top 20. Those aren’t bad numbers at all.

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shameful tiki

Of course, one of our personal favourites on the list is double-billed at number 18. That’s right, the Shameful Tiki Rooms in Vancouver and Toronto are sharing the spot. We just love delicious, rum-based drinks, what can we say? And while it’s not listed, a special shoutout to Ricardo’s Hideaway for bringing Tiki to Calgary.

Here are all the Alberta entries and their respective rankings:


13. Clementine
20. Bar Bricco
21. Baijiu Bar


8. Proof
37. Betty Lou’s Library
44. Bar Annabelle
48. Milk Tiger

So, make sure you consult this list as soon as possible. We think things will go one of two ways. You could get a confidence boost because you already frequent these places, or, you’ll find out that you might want to step your drinking game up a little.

You can check out the full list here.