On Friday, the 2020 version of the annual World Happiness Report was released, and it looks like Canada may have had a tougher year than most. In comparison to the 2019 rankings, Canada slipped 5 spots, the most of any country that was in the top 10.

The report is based on a worldwide poll conducted by the research firm Gallup. Basically, the poll combines a respondent’s life evaluation with positive and negative emotions they have been experiencing. Those factors are then combined for a score out of 10.

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Finland took the top spot once again in 2020, keeping its winning track record in line. Meanwhile, Germany managed to rocket up the list, rising from 15th place to 7th in a year. And, we must admit that we’re a little bummed to be overtaken by our neighbours to the south.

There is a caveat to these rankings though. The poll was only in effect for 1 year, instead of the usual 3, and as a result, has one-third of the normal participants. So, Canada’s (and most other countries’) rankings this year are based on a survey of 1,000 people. While this doesn’t wash the results, it does increase their imprecision.

So, basically, we’re saying take this year with a grain of salt. We’re sure that Canada will be back in the top 10 in the World Happiness Report by the next go-around. To check out the report in full, just click here.