Well folks, you’ll be happy to hear that Canada has been named among the best countries in the world to raise a child. A new report from the publication CEOWORLD has created the list. Let’s see what they have to say.

The list apparently surveyed 260,000 people across 159 countries. Then, final decisions were made based on data from organizations like the OECD, the World Economic Forum, and the United Nation’s Economic and Social Council.

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So, here’s what the results are for the top countries to raise a child.

  1. Sweden- 99.8/100
  2. Denmark- 98.4/100
  3. Norway- 96/100
  4. Netherlands- 95.6/100
  5. Canada- 95.3/100
  6. Finland- 95.2/100
  7. Switzerland- 95/100
  8. Iceland- 94.7/100
  9. Australia- 94.7/100
  10. United Kingdom- 94.5/100

Well, European countries dominated the list, representing 8 countries out of the top 10. Meanwhile, our neighbours to the south didn’t appear until the 15th spot. We do feel pretty good about Canada’s situation, so this tracks.

To check out the full ranking out the top countries to raise a child, just click here. For the extra curious, you can also check out a different ranking from last summer right here, where Canada came in 19th.

Happy reading, folks!