Well Canada, it looks like we got some big spenders when it comes to our coffee runs. In the moment it might not look like much but when you add it all together, your monthly coffee receipts are looking a little expensive. A new survey is out and it’s all about how much Canadians spend on coffee on a monthly basis.

After surveying 1,000 Canadians across the country, review site Time2Play gathered up all its information and looked at which province and territories spent the most and least on coffee. Whether you go for wholesale beans or regular take-out options, Canadians don’t shy away from spending a considerable amount on their favourite caffeinated beverage.

According to the results, the biggest spenders in Canada are found in British Columbia. They apparently spend about $38.28 a month on coffee. And it’s not your typical Timmies blend either.

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Though it looks like Starbucks is the preferred option in Canada, for B.C residents, they prefer local coffee brands. And for quality, you definitely pay its worth.

As for the rest of us, results showed that Ontario spends about $36.60 a month, Alberta at $36.42 per month, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador residents tied for fourth with about $32.18 a month, and New Brunswick with an average of $30.88 a month.

As for the province that spends the least amount on coffee, Saskatchewan comes in first with an average of $22.06, Manitoba in second with $28.02, and Quebec in third with about $28.38 spent on coffee every month.

And for all of Canada, the average spent monthly is $35.21.

Check out the infographic below and find out more about your province:

coffee canada
Photo via Time2Play

So whether this pushes you to change your spending habits or you think you can spend a little more, there’s no doubt that Canada runs on coffee – and lots of it.