A new survey from the money transfer service Remitly has ranked Canada as the top picked country for people who wish to move abroad. The survey looked at the moving preferences of people in some 100 countries, and Canada came out on top. What can we say, it’s a nice place to live!

Remitly is claiming that the Google search for ‘how to move abroad’ was up around 30% between January and October of this year. So, it’s clear that COVID-19 also has people rethinking their home countries. Kind of ironic since global travel is more or less a no-no right now. But hey, maybe the wanderlust factor is at an all-time high.

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Some 29 different countries surveyed ranked Canada as their top pick for moving overseas. That’s actually more than double the next closest pick- Japan. And funnily, Japan was the top pick for both Canada and America. Word to the wise, you should definitely learn Japanese before you move, otherwise you might feel a little lonely.

Canada ranks top country for people wanting to move abroad

Canada does have a lot of things going for us- from our national brands to education to the job market, the country as a whole is looking pretty strong.

You can check out the full report on the top countries for moving abroad this year right here.