Good news, folks! Even with the insanity that was 2020, Canada still managed to keep its spot as one of the most democratic countries in the world. A new report from The Economist took a few factors into account, so let’s see what they found!

For the rankings, 5 different factors were considered. First, the electoral process itself was analyzed, alongside the actual functioning of government. To add to the depth civil liberties, as well as political participation and culture, were all also included.

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All of these factors were ranked out of a maximum score of 10. Then, they were assigned equal weight in determining the final score. If a country had a final score above 8, then it’s considered a ‘full democracy’. Let’s see where else got the nod as the world’s most democratic countries.

  1. Norway- 9.81/10
  2. Iceland- 9.37/10
  3. Sweden- 9.26/10
  4. New Zealand- 9.25/10
  5. Canada- 9.24/10

Funnily enough, America does not meet the criteria for a full democracy, with a final score 7.92/10. Compared to us, our neighbours to the south really seem to struggle with both the functioning of government and political culture. Gee, who woulda thought?

If you’ve got some free time, the full 75-page report can be accessed right here.