It’s the final piece of your arctic explorer cosplay outfit, and it’s coming this November! Canada Goose will be moving into footwear later this fall, with some very rugged (and expensive) boots. This is the first time in the storied Canadian brand’s history to make the move, so let’s check it out!

The introduction of footwear sort of completes the range of Canada Goose’s products, which only began making things other than jackets some four years ago. We just think of the first 60 years or so of the brand was really honing their skills, then dipping their toes into other waters.

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And while Canada Goose has owned the Canadian shoe company Baffin since 2018, their own boots are decidedly cut from a different cloth. The two new models, available for both men and women, will come at a serious price.

The more approachable ‘Journey’ hiking boot will come in at a price of $750 USD ($795 CAD), while the more robust high-top ‘Snow Mantra’ boot will come in at an eye-popping $1,250 USD ($1,395 CAD). But hey, when you’re building stuff that can exist in the coldest places on earth, price is really no object.

We’ll be the first to admit, though, that we can’t wait to see these in action after 3 inches of freezing rain in February. The new footwear collection from Canada Goose will be released sometime in November. Look for it online, in stores, and at select retailers.