The Canada Dry well ran a bit too dry recently after a lawsuit from a BC man. What was the lawsuit about? Well, the BC man claimed that Canada Dry ginger ale totes medicinal benefits that don’t actually exist.

Of course, ginger has been a home remedy for things like stomach aches and nausea. Who hasn’t been recommended a ginger ale when they’re feeling a bit under-the-weather? It’s right up there with plain toast and crackers for home remedies and is the first thing our grandparents say if we’re looking rough.

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While this whole situation does sound wacky, it’s not totally ridiculous. They argued that by advertising “made with real ginger,” you’re suggesting all of ginger’s health benefits with enough actual ginger to back it up. There was even a successful class-action lawsuit in the USA against Canada Dry Ginger ale for a similar reason.

The suit worked out well for him as he and his council were given $200k to settle the lawsuit. But because it was a settlement, Canada Dry won’t be making any changes in their advertising.

Most of the money won in the suit is going to the BC Law Foundation, a non-profit, with some going to the main plaintiffs as well as to legal fees.

While we’re not legal or medical experts, we do think it’s safe to say that drinking lots of sugary soda isn’t the most healthy thing you can do. But, hey! Whatever floats your boat.